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What is PHL Gaming?

As our City changes, the businesses and entrepreneurs calling Philadelphia home are changing exponentially. Once seen as an EDS, MEDS, and BEDS-based economy, the City of Philadelphia is slowly but surely making its mark in expansion industries such as Arts and Culture, Sports, and Tech. And now, with the rise of the Gaming Industry, we are at the forefront of a significant shift. This event is a testament to that, and we invite you to be part of this exciting journey.


With this in mind, PHL GAMING aims to start the discussion on a grand scale, broadcasting the immense potential for the Gaming Industry in Philadelphia. We want to inspire you with the possibilities and learn how to support the natural community forming in Philadelphia, a community that is shaping the future of gaming.

This Gaming expo will be an all-day event aimed at educating, entering, and, most importantly, engaging with the Philadelphia gaming community. The event will begin with informative panels and discussions about the gaming industry and its future in Philadelphia. Additionally, in true gaming fashion, we will feature on-site competitions where gamers can compete for amazing prizes. Participants will also be able to learn about the Table Top gaming industry from owners and founders of gaming cafes across the city. And finally, as music and gaming are intrinsically linked, we will close the event with excellent performances.


of the Global Population Identifies as a Gamer


Identify as an Underrepresented Gamer


Philadelphia is the 4th Largest Minority City

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*Statistics are accurate to 8/23/2022

What to Expect?

Panels & Workforce Development Opportunities

The event will begin with panels discussing the future and possibilities of Gaming, E3, and technology across the city!

Onsite Interview

Meet with tech recruiters to learn how to enter the field of gaming.

Who Should Attend?

PHL Gaming is an all-ages event!

Novice to professional Gamers, Developers, content creators, Tech Creatives, Business owners, college students interested in entering the gaming field, parents of gamers, and more are welcome!

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Localhost Philly

Localhost provides a home base for gamers of all skill levels to compete, build community, and improve their skills. Localhost is owned and operated by Nerd Street Gamers.

401 N Broad St Philadelphia PA, 19123

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